Maximize your yield.
Staking - Cardano (ADA)
  • On-chain staking utilizes the Proof-of-Stake protocol of applicable blockchain to generate rewards through a process typically called “staking”.
  • Benefits of staking on MAX versus staking on other platforms:
    1. ✓ Payouts once a week*
    2. ✓ Generate predictable yield with crypto
    3. ✓ Stake your crypto with a few taps from your MAX app
    4. ✓ Unstake anytime**
Staking protocol
  • Assets are subject to losses if the private key of the validator is compromised.
  • Rewards could be less than expected if the blockchain protocol contains design defects.
We collect 10% of the yield generated for our users. Users are eligible for a zero staking fee if opting to be paid in MAX Token.
Processing Time
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